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WORLD OF THE GREAT ALTAI international research journal

Abzhanov H.M.

Ancient turks and modern turkic peoples of Central Asia: origin of historical-spiritual commonality

Demchik E.V.

History of Altai in the XX – the beginning of XXI centuries in the con¬temporary measurement: achievements and prospects of studying

Erdembekov B.A.

Literatury environment and Abay

Joong-Kwan KIM

The Historical Relevance of the Culture and Civilization between Altai and Korea

Zhang Dingjing

The problem of methodology of descriptive grammar of Kazakh language

Ivanov A.V.

Megaprojects in Eurasia in the context of transition to the spiritual and ecological development strategy

Karimov B.R.

Heritage of the Altai and Turkic civilization and their prospects in the world civilization

Marmontova T.V.

Kazakh-Russian borderland in the «Great Altai» as the developing functional region

Navaanzoch H. Tsedev

The cultural constance «The Motherland» of nomadic Mongol and Kazakh nations

Napil Bazylhan

Old turkic (VI-IX centuries) written records of Altai mountain system

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