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WORLD OF THE GREAT ALTAI international research journal

Butanaev, V. Ya., Modorov N. With.

Kyrgyz Khanate, the first of its rulers and their activities

Wang Zhongchen

«Art revolution» and «Literature revolution»: perspective, «realism», change of perception

Glazkova E. I.

Rare documents of the Rare Fund from S. Amanzholov EKSU Scientific Library as a fundamental principle of research and regional studies

Glazkova E. I.

Dekabrists’ contribution to the development of culture and industry of Siberia.

Kamalov А.К.

In the footsteps of the ancient Uighurs: Kazakhstan Expedition to Tuva Republic (2015)

Kolupayev V. D.

National and ethno-religious composition of the Siberian Cossack Army in the second half of the XIX century

Molodov O.B. 0

Transformation of ethnic and confessional portrait of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Smagulova A.

Nauryz in Bayan-Ulgii: reflections on the symbols of the past in the context of the Kazakhs’ collective memory

Finke P.

The Kazakhs of Mongolian Altai: economic and social transformation in the 21st century

Fuki Yagi

The Relation with Kazakh musical culture of Kazakhstan and Mongolia (1950-2010). Transplantation of kazakhstan's culture and Using electrical Karaoke-song in Mongolia

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