Aliev U.Zh.

Musirov G.M. Categories «credit» and «nesie» (loan): general and special

Abilhankyzy Zh.

Educational value of the Islamic religion

Dzhalilov Z.G.

Revival of Islam in the context of the new realities of Kazakhstan

Zhanbosinova A.S.

The religious factor and social risks in Kazakhstan and Central Asia

Lysenko Yu.A.

Missionaries of Kyrgyz Orthodox Mission about the degree of Islamization of Kazakh society at the turn of XIX-XX centuries

Reznik S.V.

Anti-system ideology of Islamic sectarianism in the world today

Ualieva S.K.

Religious practices: self-identification of people from mixed marriages in Kazakhstan

Haziuly D.

Scientific validity of Koran and its use in man’s daily life


«Political miths about Islam: content and technology»

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