Aymukhambet Zh.

Identical motives and characters of the Turkic and Celtic mythology

Bijarov B.

iscrepancies in the translation of the written work «Kultegin»

Dybo A.V.

On Kypchak borrowings in Slavic languages.

Zhetibayuly U.

Literary and artistic features of the ancient Turkic written works

Zhilkubaeva A.Sh.

Cognitive space of the «hospitality» concept in Turkic languages

Zhuintayeva Z.N., Zhumanbayeva A., Tursunova M.A.

Object lacking elliptical sentences in the work of zhalairi Zhami at-Tauarikh

Karimov B.R.

Kazakhstan's contribution to the development of Turkic civilization and the prospects of development of the Kazakh language in the Turkic language system

Mehmet Acha

Assessment of the rules regulating the relationship between the bride and new family members among Altai, Tuva and Anatolian Turks

Mukusheva R.

The references to the Hun and Scythian cultures in Old Hungarian Legends «Miraculous Deer»

Smagulov Zh.К.

The image of a gray wolf in totemic terms and folklore

New book on the Ural-Altaic language classification «Towards Eurasian Linguistic Isoglosses: the Case of Turkic and Hungarian» by Dr. László Marácz (International Turkic Academy, Astana, 2015)

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