Averchenko I.P.

Ethno-political processes in Tuva under the protectorate of Russia and during the revolution (1911-1920)

Amanzholova D.A.

A.N. Bukeikhanov and the problems of political consolidation of the Kazakhs

Zhunysbayev A.A.

Sanjar Asfendiyarov and Tashkent Soviet of the Muslim Workers-Deputies

Magidovich A.S.

The youth of Moscow in 1917: main problems of socialization and involvement in political struggle

Orlov I.B.

Revolutionary process in Russia (1917 - mid-1930s): breaks and succession

Smagulova S.O.

On the national liberation movement in Akmola and Semipalatinsk regions in 1916, and the punishment of the rebels

Solovyova V.V.

The main trends of demographic development in Russia in perturbation period (1914-1922

Toman I.B.

Traditional culture of Moscow Germans and the October Revolution (on family archive materials

Roundtalk «Revolutionary populism and mass consciousness in historical perspective»

1916 in the destinies of the peoples of Central Asia: towards the results of the International Scientific Conference «Turkestan uprising in 1916. Facts and interpretation» (Moscow, May 23-24, 2016)

Modorov N.S.

«Please protect from the evil time» (by the 255-th anniversary of the adoption of Russian citizenship by the indigenous peoples of the Mountainous Altai)

New book «Ust-Kamenogorsk is a meeting place: two worlds, two ways of life in search of collaboration and cooperation», by Doctor of History, Professor Alekseenko A.N.

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