Karimova R.U.

Сenter of Uyghur studies at the Institute of Oriental Studies named after R.B.Suleimenov: history of formation and development

Arziev R.U.

Formation and development of the Uyghur linguistics in Kazakhstan

Yussupov R.K.

On formation and development of the Uyghur literature of Kazakhstan

Каrimova Z.K., Маsimova Kh.V.

On Uyghur written sources in Arabic scrip from East Turkestan (ХVІІІ-ХІХ cc.)

Kamalov A.K.

History and culture of Uyghurs in the works of American scholars.

Vasilev D.D.

Essay on results of the complex research of the Old Uyghur fortress on the lake Tere-khol in Tuva

Vasilev A.D.

Ottoman protectorate and Russian policy towards Kashgar in the 70s and beginning of the 80s of the XIX c.

Brophy D.

The Sacred Edict in Arabic Translation: Saʿid Muḥammad al-ʿAsali’s «Qanun al-Ṣin» (1906)

Sugawara J.

Three Texts on the Martyrdom of Abdurrahman Padshah, Collected by Martin Hartmann

Khajieva G.U.

Place of Xinjiang-Uyghur Autonomous Region in the new regional strategy of PRC

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