Artamonova T.A.

Kalanchina I.N. Altai: memorial significance of sacred landscapes

Galiev A.A.

Reflection of Soviet history in the memory policy of modern Kazakhstan

Komissarova I.A.

School museums of Ivanovo region: history, traditions and activities

Medeuova K.A.

On the issue of memory practices typology in Kazakhstan

Peteneva G.G.

Ancient sanctuary Ak bauyr : approaches to studying and saving problems

Tadysheva N.O.

Traditional beliefs in the religious system of the Orthodox Altai people

Hamidov A.A.

Historical memory as an object of manipulation and construction

Hanipova I.I.

Construction of the Soviet Village and the place of the child in the new space (on the example of Tatarstan)

Sherstova L.I.

Pre-Turkic population of Gorny Altai: the Samoyedic substrate

Round talk «Museums around the perimeter of the Altai: innovative concepts of memory»

Karimov B.R., Mutalov Sh.Sh.

Multimedia information technology and computational linguistics in the system of linguistic processes of world civilization

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