Lobastov G.V.

Dialectics as a problem

Mareev S.N.

The dialectics of Hegel and the philosophy of A.I.Herzen

Voznyak V.S.

Dialectics as the logic of true understanding of the human being

Guseva N.V.

Dialectics and options for understanding the historical process.

Mareeva E.V.

Dialectics as the «algebra of revolution»: to the history of the issue

Korolev V.A.

Dialectics and morality in social existence

Muzhchil M.D.

Dialectics of macro- and microcosm in music

Voznyak V.S.

Development as return to oneself

Suhanov V.N.

Personality development as a way of realization of dialectical thinking

Hamidov A.A.

Towards an ideologically relevant dialectic theory

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