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«The Buryat people in the context of historical and cultural unity of Eurasia»


Dear colleagues!

For the formation of full scientific picture of the modern world by the scientist along with ability to see it in general, to reveal trends of global development it is very important to consider results of the regional research which are conducted «on places». The concept of the journal «The World of the Great Altai» assumes formation on the base of a complex of materials of the relevant scientific research devoted to the region of Great Altai. For realization of it the scientists living in the countries of the studied region and also scientists from other countries in which focus of attention there is Great Altai are attracted.

The issue «The Buryat people in the context of historical and cultural unity of Eurasia»  includes materials of researches of the scientists of one of the leading scientific centers of Buryatiya – Institute of Mongol, Buddhist and Tibetan studies of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Science (Ulan-Ude, the Russian Federation). Implementation of the project on formation of such issue on the basis of the international scientific journal «The World of the Great Altai» has been conceived proceeding from understanding that are necessary for researchers of Great Altai:

– exchange of the experience in implementation of regional research, in vision of possible spheres of the research, formation of their methodology;

– accounting of tendencies of formation of adjacent regions, that Altai and Sayano-Baikalsky regions are. Their destinies were formed in a context of cultural and historical unity of Big Eurasia that can be easily found in many evidences of powerful interferences of the Chinese, Mongolian, Slavic and Turkic worlds.

In this issue of the journal «The World of the Great Altai» readers can get acquainted with the articles united by a regional perspective, and executed by historians, ethnologists, anthropologists, linguists, culturologists. Each author resolved an issue of correlation between the chosen methodology and selection of research methods adequate to the issue, working in borders of the subject field of own scientific interests. I hope that the offered articles will promote replenishment and updating of scientific base about the Buryat people which have made a contribution to the history of civilization and continues to live in a friendly family of the people of Sayano-Baikalsky region, adequately answering to calls of the present times.

Except the materials devoted to a release subject on its pages the article of one of the leading Soviet archeologists of S.S. Chernikov «Monuments of architecture of oyrat-Kalmyks (materials)» which is the reprinting of materials of his research of the oyrat monuments of East Kazakhstan published in 1960 in Notes of the Kalmyk research institute, language, literature and history is published. Article is placed in the new heading «From Classics of an Altai studies and Turkology». The purpose of introduction of a heading to the journal «The World of the Great Altai» is the repeated publication of articles which are not lose the academic value over time.

The part «Article representation» presents researches of the Doctoral candidate of History from S. Amanzholov EKSU K.R. Zhirindinova.  On the basis of the analysis of archival sources the characteristic of the social portrait of bays of East Kazakhstan in 20-30 years of the XX century is given in the article.

The materials of the international seminar «Russia and Kazakhstan: sociocultural dialogue of the strategic partners» which has taken place on May 5, 2018 on the basis of Research Center Altaytanu of  S. Amanzholov EKSU with participation of scientists from Ust-Kamenogorsk, Almaty, Yekaterinburg are represented in the part «Round Table».

Yours faithfully, the executive editor of the issue M. Baldano 

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