Welcome word of executive editor of the issue «Ancient and medieval Kazakhstan through a prism of modern archaeological investigations»


Dear colleagues!


The work on modernization of public consciousness which is carried out in the Republic of Kazakhstan initiated by the program article of the President N. Nazarbayev «A future outlook: modernization of public consciousness», assumes intelligent updating of world view of Kazakhstan citizens. Various public authorities (government institutions, public organizations, institutions of education, science and culture, business, etc.) are connected today to the work in this direction. Spiritual updating – is a task not of one or two specialized institutes where they are developed by ideologists who «goes down» closer to people and «intrudes» into the consciousness of the population. The work started by the program article of the head of the country assumes a response of all citizens of Kazakhstan, joint intelligent search of the directions of country development by all not indifferent people.

An important role in spiritual updating of the country is played by the scientists-archeologists who bringing a considerable contribution in the discovery, research, popularization of the cultural heritage. The territory of Kazakhstan in a type of unique geostrategic situation, has kept the traces of history of the ancient people which cultural influence has echoes across all Eurasia. Monuments of historical and cultural heritage, intelligent and inserted in the fabric of modern culture, provide connection between generations, exert impact on fostering patriotism and love to the home land.

The sociocultural space of Kazakhstan has absorbed in itself the heritage of migration flows of the nomadic civilizations producing the unique autochthonic values taking a place of honor in a treasury of the world civilization. This issue of «The World of Great Altay» includes the results of archaeological research in various regions of Kazakhstan important in reconstruction of cultural processes of antiquity and the Middle Ages. Here the articles, generalizing extensive data on processes of formation of culture of the early nomads of Central Asia (N.S. Bokovenko, A.K. Akhmetzhan) are presented, also the articles covering results of the current archaeological research in regions of Kazakhstan and in adjacent territories (A.N. Podushkin, A.A. Bisembayev and others, Z.G. Hasanov, U.U. Umitkaliyev).

In the column «Article representation» the readers are offered to get acquainted with materials of the scientific research of the famous Kazakhstani historian S.O. Smagulova, devoted to the studying of famine in the East Kazakhstan in the 30th years of XX century, and also with the article of the officer of the Research Center «Altaytanu» of S. Amanzholov EKSU A. Aubakirova about the daily life of military personnel during the Great Patriotic war

The column «Round Table» highlights the areas of work of the international scientific and practical conference «Culture and Problem of the Civilization Choice» which collects for the fifth time the wonderful list of participants – philosophers from Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, etc. The initiator – is the east office of «The congress of philosophers of Kazakhstan» (the head – Doctor PhD, Professor N.V. Guseva). This year the work of the conference was carried out on the basis of Research Center «Altaytanu» of S. Amanzholov EKSU.


Yours faithfully, the responsible editor of the number Z. Samashev

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