«World of the Great Altai» - is an international scientific journal devoted to interdisciplinary and comparative studies of theories and practices in the space of Altai, which brings together scientists in all fields of social sciences and humanities, engaged in the study of Central and Inner Asia. The project aims to create a dialogue platform for researchers of characters and mental images, problems of historiography, cultural geography, sociology and philosophy of the Great Altai. 

           Regular columns:
- Methodology and Theory;
- History, religious studies;
- Archaeology, ethnology;
- Historical geography, anthropology, demography;
- Research projects;
- Reviews.

          The mission of the journal is actualization of new research initiatives, getting acquainted with the results of research projects, conducting discussions, peer reviewing of publications. The main criteria for the selection of publications is their relevant, practical significance, originality and compliance to the profile of the journal. It is open for both Kazakhstani and foreign authors, however, all publication materials must comply with the principles of scientific ethics and the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan on mass media.
       Members of the Editorial Board are leading Kazakhstani and foreign scientists. Editorial board holds a closed examination and reviewing of papers submitted. Materials are published in Kazakh, English and Russian, after the mandatory external anonymous peer review, with a summary in a language different from the language of the article.

         Languages of the journal: Kazakh, Russian, Chinese, Mongolian, English. The journal is published four times a year.

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